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About Discovery Editions and Our Perfect Recreations™

Detail from North America West 1688

Detail from Redouté Barbados Lily
Our mission is to perfectly re-create the most beautiful and important examples of the Art of Discovery – the maps and natural history works of art that were produced during the Age of Discovery. And, of course, to offer them to you at affordable prices that are often less than one percent of the cost of the rare originals.
Our Perfect Recreations completely and convincingly re-create the experience of seeing the original. Others merely remind you of the original. Our prints are not posters; they are not reproductions -- they are Perfect Recreations as stunningly, jaw-dropping beautiful as the originals.
We’ve learned to perfectly re-create the extraordinary original works we’ve had the unique opportunity to work with. Viewed side by side – with the naked eye or under magnification – our Perfect Recreations™ are indistinguishable from the originals.

We offer these remarkable re-creations in hand-crafted, historically accurate frames that show the patina and apparent aging of centuries-old frames. Meet our Master Framemakers.

We’re not the only ones who think we’ve gotten it right. Leading experts and collectors have seen our Perfect Recreations™ and agreed. More important, our customers absolutely love them. Click the links below to read or hear what they have to say.

"Absolutely perfect and magnificent". What Our Customers Say

"These Discovery Editions prints are perfect". What The Experts Say

"Flawlessly reproduced". What The Media Say

It took a while, but we really have achieved perfection. Each Perfect Recreation™ has it all: every incredibly fine line detail of every antique map; every delicate watercolor brushstroke; even the subtle signs of character and patina the paper shows after as much as 500 years.

Here in our New York City facilities, we’ve developed proprietary techniques that use cutting edge technologies to capture and print the sharpest and highest resolution reproductions available anywhere. We perfectly re-create color and texture nuances – even the sense of luminosity. We apply archival watercolor pigments to the highest quality archival papers to deliver legacy quality Perfect Recreations™ of the most beautiful art in history.

While we’re very proud to have learned to re-create these great works of art in such exacting detail, the learning process leaves us most impressed by the art and the artists. Armed with our multimillion-dollar digital technologies, we are time and time again astounded by the art, the craft, the willpower and the patience of the artists who did it all with brushes, watercolors, and some very sharp engraving tools brought to bear on slabs of stone and sheets of copper.

We hope you’ll make your own thorough exploration of our web site. We’ve tried to provide historical context for each original work we’ve recreated because each of these pictures tells – and is part of – a great story. And we really hope you’ll discover some of the ways that your own story is connected to these. That’s what got us started on this endeavor in the first place.

Finally, we hope you’ll come back to see us often. We’ll be adding new works on a regular and frequent basis. We’ll also be offering more and more cultural-historical information and context – with an increasing portion of it in the form of short videos. And you’ll find that your purchases of Perfect Recreations™ will support a growing list of our not-for-profit affiliates: conservation organizations, museums and other very important institutions.

Questions? Call us at 1-212-717-7451;
or, e-mail Info@DiscoveryEditions.com

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