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What Our Customers Say

Audubon Brown Pelican
Detail from Audubon Brown Pelican

Mitchell 1846 Map of American West
Detail from Mitchell Map of American West 1846
Our Perfect Recreations™ are indistinguishable from the original artworks. That's why this is ...

What Our Customers Say

“It is absolutely perfect and magnificent. It commands our dining room and is enjoyed every day. All our friends marvel at its beauty and accuracy. “
Thomas Hofherr
Fleetwood, Pennsylvania
on his Perfect Recreation™ of the Audubon Brown Pelican

“We are writing to thank you for the superb Vielé map we purchased from Discovery Editions for my husband for Father’s Day this year. It’s an exceptional, beautifully rendered map which he, and we, have spent hours studying and will no doubt enjoy and appreciate for years to come. Thank you so much."
Suzanne W. Stout and family
New York, New York
on their Perfect Recreation™ of the 1865 Topological Map of New York City

WE LOVE THE PRINTS!! They are amazing. We had bought some Audubon reproductions from the Oppenheimer Gallery here in Chicago – your Discovery Editions are truly superior, the colors more vibrant and natural and the details much sharper. And yours are a fraction of the price, a really
great value. Thanks and congratulations for an excellent product – I plan to buy more.
Robert Borgeson
Chicago, Illinois
on his Perfect Recreations™ of the Audubon Male Wild Turkey and Hooping Crane

The print is absolutely gorgeous to say the least. The feel of the paper and the vibrant colors are such a joy that framing it is almost a sin. I have one of Bodmer's blind stamped aquatint engravings (Indians Hunting the Bison) and I find the colors are richer in the Perfect Recreation™. Naturally, I would expect his original watercolor to be nicer than his "mass produced" aquatints. You are obviously passionate and proud about your products for good reason! Mató-Tópe is a wonderful addition to my collection.
Howard Arndt
Amherst, New Hampshire
on his Perfect Recreation™ of Karl Bodmer’s Mató-Tópe

“The map has arrived! I'm absolutely delighted with the quality and attention to fine details. I was skeptical that a reproduction map could be indistinguishable from an original. But, it really is true! I'm intrigued by the processes you are using to recreate these historical items, such as the Mitchell map, with such precision. The map is beautiful to look at and study--truly a work of art. I have found some interesting articles on the Internet that discuss the map in the historical, political, and religious context of that time period in the U.S. Wonderful stuff. Thank you!"
R. Brough
Orem, Utah
on his Perfect Recreation™ of the 1846 New Map of Texas, Oregon & California

"It is a magnificent reproduction of the original. It will be a gift for my daughter and her husband for their new home. Thanks for helping to preserve the incredible art of Audubon at an affordable price."
Dr. James Crout
Austin, Texas
on his Perfect Recreation™ of the Audubon Common American Swan

“When I came across Audubon’s Ivory-billed Woodpecker by Discovery Editions in an environmental newsletter I’d received, I knew I had to have it. To me it is Audubon’s finest image and will always inspire in me a sense of beauty, hope and optimism for the future. The Discovery Editions print exceeded my expectations and is indistinguishable from the original at a fraction of the price of an original. We framed this truly impressive image in an Italian walnut burl frame with an inset of brass filigree and used a double mat - cream colored on top revealing a three- quarter inch wide black under mat which picks up the dramatic blacks in the print.”
Jud Hartman
Grafton, Vermont
on his Perfect Recreation™ of the Audubon Ivory-billed Woodpecker

"These Discovery Editions prints are perfect".
What The Experts Say

"Flawlessly reproduced".
What The Media Say

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