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What the Experts Say

Detail from Redoute Pineapple

Cortes Map
Detail from Cortes Map
What the Experts Say

"To a collector, these are some of the most important maps in history. They are extraordinarily rare, and the originals command prices extending well into six figures. The thrill of repeatedly seeing and studying them is now possible at affordable prices. From the re-creation of cartographic detail to the visual texture of the woodcut impressions to the patina of the five-hundred year old paper – these prints are perfect."
Dr. Seymour I. Schwartz
co-author of The Mapping of America and author of
The French and Indian War and This Land is Your Land
View Dr. Schwartz’s video introduction to the First Views of the New World Collection

"These Perfect Recreations accurately and delicately replicate the finest pencil lines; and, they faithfully capture the luminous and layered quality of every watercolor brushstroke. These unique reproductions capture perfectly and render everything that Bodmer saw and painted."
J. Brooks Joyner
Director, Joslyn Art Museum
View Brooks Joyner's video discussion of our exclusive Perfect Recreations™ of the original
watercolors of Karl Bodmer

”This is an opportunity to have what the Empress Josephine [Bonaparte] had drawn for her by Pierre Joseph Redouté in her garden at Chateau Malmaison. It is the first time these watercolors have been reproduced since the stipple engravings were made in Paris between 1802 and 1816. For almost 200 years, no one has had the opportunity to see these amazing watercolors. Now they do – because, in my opinion, these Perfect Recreations are indistinguishable from the originals.”
W. Graham Arader III
Pre-eminent collector of Botanical Art
and owner of the world-famous Madison Avenue galleries that bear his name
View Mr. Arader’s complete video commentary on our exclusive Perfect Recreations™ of the
original watercolors of Redouté

"Absolutely perfect and magnificent"
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"Flawlessly reproduced"
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