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What the Media Says

LeMoyne Melon detail
Detail from LeMoyne Melon

Audubon Male Turkey detail
Detail from Audubon Wild Turkey
What the Media Say

"Karl Bodmer's watercolors have been flawlessly reproduced
for the first time by Discovery Editions."
Western Interiors & Design
March 2008
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"I can attest: the closer you come, the better they look.
Audubon's flamingo is a shock of color, a visual wake-up call;
the white pelican looks as if it's starring in a black-and-white movie.
The original watercolor of the Redouté pineapple can cost $750,000,
and, looking at it, you can easily see why --- it's so accurate and
realistic it's photographic ... Reproductions come, as you may know,
at all levels of price and quality. The trick is to find high quality
and a reasonable price. I have done my due diligence, and I can attest:
Not only can't you get some of these images for less, most have never
been reproduced before ... Discovery Editions is Head Butler's first
foray into fine art. I'm glad I waited. This is work that has
integrity, value, durability --- and delight
Jesse Kornbluth, for HeadButler.com
December, 2007
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“We’ve always admired the gorgeous botanical prints
produced in centuries past. But with the price tags
often in the hundreds of thousands of dollars,
that was all we could do. Now discoveryeditions.com
is using new technology to reproduce these
mouthwatering treasures in exquisite detail.
The Melon, by 16th-century painter Jacques
LeMoyne de Morgues, is the first-ever reproduction
of the North American watercolor, and Old St. Peter’s
is among the highlights of the 19th-century
artist George Brookshaw’s works. These
re-creations are almost indistinguishable from
the originals
November 2006
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"Now collectors have another way to get the look for less
... using computer technology to recreate Audubon
images with row upon row of tiny jets that shoot
colored inks onto high-quality paper, in exactly
the right configuration. So uncanny are the computer-age
clones... Discovery Editions (discoveryeditions.com)"
Traditional Home
June 2006
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"Real Bodmers aren't for sale, but stunning re-creations are.
Joslyn Art Museum's acclaimed Karl Bodmer watercolors -
about 400 of them - are valued at about $2 million. Each. Of course,
museum officials aren't looking to sell some of the earliest
artistic renderings of American Indians and the American West.
Avid collectors have few outlets to buy their own Bodmers because
virtually no one is looking to sell. But lovers of historical art
from the 1800s have a much cheaper and almost as stunning option.
Joslyn and New York-based DiscoveryEditions.com have partnered to
create high-resolution, painstakingly detailed reproductions of
eight of Bodmer's most famous watercolors ... The detail makes the
reproductions look almost as vibrant as the originals."
Omaha World-Herald
October 22, 2006
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"Absolutely perfect and magnificent".
What Our Customers Say

"These Discovery Editions prints are perfect".
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