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Blue Ocean Collection

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Our Blue Ocean Collection is an 18th century survey of life below the high-tide line. When the New World was still new, three artists two now legendary, the other unidentified painted these uniquely beautiful watercolors of ocean wildlife. These historic images are beautiful conversation pieces that are also endless sources of delight and fascination for children.

Through science, art, and literature, Blue Ocean Institute works to inspire a closer relationship with the sea. They develop conservation solutions compassionate to people as well as to ocean wildlife that help restore living abundance in the ocean. We admire their work and are proud to support it through the sale of our works.

In 1720 the Royal Society of London's President, Sir Isaac Newton, sent Mark Catesby to America "to Observe the Rarities of the Country". A decade later, Catesby published his landmark work, The Natural History of Carolina, Florida and the Bahama Islands, the first comprehensive study and illustration of the flora and fauna of the English colonies in the New World. His gorgeously detailed hand-colored engravings of the then naturally abundant Parrot Fish, Angel Fish, Great Hog Fish and Hawks-bill Turtle were the first images of these species to be seen in Europe.

In 1758 the King of Denmark commissioned Regenfuss' famous illustrations of Exotic Seashells that reflected and stimulated the great European interest in the arrival of elaborate specimens from increasingly distant shores. A few decades later, c. 1780, an unidentified Japanese watercolorist produced an exquisite rendering of a Whale. This striking watercolor feels as much a part of the 21st century as the 18th. The carefully crafted details of the flipper, blowhole, dorsal fin and fluke are identified and captioned with delicate calligraphy.

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Blue Ocean Institute works to inspire rather than demand a new orientation toward conservation, nature, and environment that draws on a personal call to compassion and stewardship. With all their books, writings, and programs Safe Seas, Sea-To-Table, and Sea Stories they are forging a Sea Ethic, a stronger, more conscious and valued relationship between people and the sea.

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