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Celestial Maps

Our Collection features Perfect Recreations of the most striking works of Andreas Cellarius (1596 - 1665). He produced the most elaborately beautiful celestial atlas of the 17th century, the Atlas Coelestis seu Harmonia Macrocosmica. This startlingly gorgeous and imaginative work presented powerful visual explanations of the theories of Ptolemy, Copernicus and Brahe as well as ingenious star charts and lunar diagrams.

We have selected Cellarius' three-dimensional "Scenographic" and two-dimensional "Planispheric" representations of the solar system according to Ptolemy and Brahe as well as the radically and correctly re-imagined heliocentric Copernican system "banned" by the Church from 1616 until 1822. We have also included richly decorated views of the northern and southern hemispheres (terrestrial and celestial) as viewed from deep space. Finally, we present our Perfect Recreation of Cellarius' beautiful chart of lunar phases and eclipses.

We have the distinct privilege of perfectly recreating the famously best preserved surviving example of the original atlas. Acquired from the 20th century's greatest collector and dealer of rare atlases, Nico Israel, these extraordinary hand-colored plates have completely retained their original powerful color and clarity. (Full disclosure: Cellarius used gold leaf to highlight small elements of some maps in this original atlas. We have perfectly re-created the original hand-colored engravings, but we have not included the gold leaf.)

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