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Audubon in Charleston

Following the successful publication of the first volumes of The Birds of America, Audubon returned to America in 1831 to sell more subscriptions and to observe and paint more birds from the Southeast. He arrived in Charleston in October and almost immediately befriended the Rev. John Bachman, an avid naturalist who become his invaluable supporter and, later, collaborator.

Audubon spent several entire winters with the Bachman family in Charleston. There, he drew from nature and painted many of the original watercolors in preparation for the now legendary engraving and hand-coloring by Robert Havell, Jr. in London. Our Audubon in Charleston Collection includes Perfect Recreations of the Great Blue Heron, Wood Ibis, Carolina Parrot, Long-billed Curlew, Snowy Heron (or White Egret) and American Snipe (Wilson's Snipe).

Audubon frequently described his times in Charleston as the happiest in his life. Often accompanied by Bachman, he spent his days in nearby rice plantations and sea marshes observing and sketching the indigenous heron, ibis, curlew and parrot populations. These magnificent birds became the subjects of some of Audubon's most popular and beloved images. Some of the backgrounds, by Audubon's assistant George Lehman, depict Charleston and its plantations. See more iconic images in our Audubon Collection and in Goin' to Carolina.

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The quality of ours far exceeds all previous Audubon print reproductions. Our proprietary process yields a resolution, or level of detail, more than ten times greater than the resolution the 2002 Oppenheimer, 1985 Princeton and 1971 Amsterdam editions. So we can perfectly re-create the amazingly lifelike impression of the original Audubons, because we alone are able to perfect re-create with total clarity and sharpness the extremely fine detail of the original drawing and engraving. Audubon and Havell presented all the glorious detail that exists in nature and we do, too.

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