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Antique New York Maps

These extraordinary and beautiful documents are a New York time travelogue through a century that includes the Revolutionary and Civil Wars.

The earliest view takes us back to the British-ruled port of the 1730s; the only future landmarks were lower Manhattan’s churches, City Hall and the fortification of the Battery. A View of Fort George with the City of New York from the S. W. is your chance to own the city’s original river and harbor view.

Take a virtual stroll up pre-Revolutionary Broadway -- the beginning of lower Manhattan’s street pattern is clearly detailed in Bernard Ratzer's Plan of the City of New York, in North America: Surveyed in the Years 1766 & 1767. If your natural habitat is Lower Manhattan or Brooklyn, this beautiful work will fascinate you for years.

Between independence and The Civil War, pre-development Long Island was comprehensively mapped in the spectacularly detailed, large-scale 1842 Geological Map of Long & Staten Islands. Scan the south shore from Coney Island to the Montauk Point lighthouse. This gorgeous map is right at home in a Brooklyn loft, a Hamptons beach house and all points between.

Fast forward to 1855: the City commissioned E. L. Vielé to produce the Sanitary & Topological Map of Manhattan to define the site of what would become Central Park. This legendary map of the island's underground watercourses is still the bible for structural engineers planning excavation in Manhattan. A decade later, Olmsted & Vaux published the Map of Central Park "showing the progress of the Work up to January 1, 1865" – a unique in-progress look at this 843-acre masterpiece-in-the-making. In 1859, before progress began, John Bachman studied the original plan and imagined his Birds-eye View of Central Park, the original Park VU. Both are wonderfully beautiful images for New Yorkers and tourists alike.

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