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RedoutÚ Collection

Our RedoutÚ Discoveries Collection is the first-ever reproduction of the original watercolors by the master of Botanical Art. The most popular flower paintings in history, these watercolor masterpieces have been locked away in private collections since they were used two centuries ago as models for the now famous and valuable stipple engravings prized by collectors.

The transcendent and priceless watercolors retained their extraordinary original color and luminosity. We have perfectly re-created them for the 21st century -- they are indistinguishable from the great originals. See and hear What the Experts Say.

Pierre-Joseph RedoutÚ, the greatest botanical illustrator in history, produced his greatest works at the beginning of the 19th century when the Empress Josephine (Bonaparte) commissioned him to paint her unparalleled collection of botanical specimens in the Napoleonic gardens of Chateau Malmaison. RedoutÚ created Les LiliacÚes, 486 watercolor masterpieces.

The scope of the work went far beyond the liliaceae family to include hundreds of other specimens which, like lilies, could not be well preserved by drying in herbaria. The accuracy and detail of these paintings provided the definitive reference for study and further cultivation of the exotic flowers and fruits throughout the 19th century.

We hope you'll enjoy creating your own collection from our selection of the most beautiful RedoutÚ images. Each work is an intricately beautiful time machine that will provide years of conversation, contemplation and enjoyment.

"Absolutely perfect and magnificent". What Our Customers Say

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