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Fauna Gallery

Rediscover the Birds of America through the extraordinarily sharp eyes of Audubon. This visionary perfectionist chronicled nature’s variety by hand; today, we perfectly re-create every detail. "Absolutely perfect and magnificent". See What Our Customers Say
Our Perfect Recreations™ take you back to the 18th century when the Carolinas were British colonies and artist-naturalist Mark Catesby was the world’s first to paint a comprehensive survey of North American flora and fauna.

A century later, John James Audubon devoted 18 years of his life to produce his extraordinary compendium of 435 images, The Birds of America. With his masterwork's engraving well underway in London and already well known, Audubon returned to America in 1831 to paint more birds indigenous to the southeastern United States. Our Audubon in Charleston Collection tells the story of some of his happiest and most productive years.

Our Blue Ocean Collection is an 18th century survey of life below the high-tide line. It is dedicated to -- and benefits -- The Blue Ocean Institute, the wonderful ocean conservation organization whose work benefits us all.

Our Nature Conservancy Collection benefits that great organization and features four exceptionally beautiful Audubon birds whose habitats are preserved today by the Conservancy's work.

Not all of the subjects of these beautiful works have survived. Our Endangered and Extinct Collection surveys once common birds now lost, and marine life now protected.

Curate your own collection of the most important Natural History art, now made perfectly affordable for your home.

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