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Rare Maps Gallery

Our Map Collections chart the amazing journey from the virtually unknown New World c. 1500, all terra incognita, to a cluster of fledgling Colonial encampments, to a group of bustling 19th century cities. We've perfectly re-created these beautiful and historic maps - each one is a provocative time machine that will provide years of fascination, enjoyment and conversation. "Absolutely perfect and magnificent". See What Our Customers Say
Choose your coast and tour our Antique New York Maps and Old California Map Collection. Get Goin' to Carolina or pony up for Putting Texas on the Map. Explore Claiming the West and trace America’s westward expansion from early Spanish and French settlements to the mad dash of the California gold-rushers.

Our Visualizing New World Discoveries Collection begins with the first great world maps: the 1570 Ortelius “mother map” and the legendary Mercator Orbis Terrae. See how 17th-century politics literally shaped the way Europeans saw the world in our New England Discoveries Collection. Explore John Smith’s 1612 map of Virginia and Samuel de Champlain’s 1612 map of New France.

Or begin at the beginning: Our exclusive First Views of the New World Collection presents the classics: the rare maps that were the first to show the earliest discoveries of Columbus, Cabot, Cortés and Magellan. For the first time in history, you can own flawless reproductions of the 1507-8 Ruysch World Map, the 1513 Waldseemuller Tabula Terre Nove, the 1524 Cortés maps of Mexico City and the Gulf of Mexico, and more.

Thank your lucky stars while you contemplate Heresy: The Maps that Redefined Heaven and Earth. The Church banned both Mercator’s Projection and Copernicus' "theory" of the heliocentric universe, gloriously depicted in Cellarius' famous celestial map.

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