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Smith's "Virginia", 1607
John Smith
16 ¼" wide / 13 ¼" high
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A Map of Virginia. A Perfect Recreation™ of the engraving of the 1607-9 Jamestown Settlement map by John Smith. Published 1612. 16" x 13"

Smith's 1612 A Map of Virginia is regarded as the most important map of early English settlement in America. Drafted during the first years of the 1607 Jamestown settlement, it continued to be the definitive Virginia map for more than half a century. The map is as beautiful as it is fascinating and historically significant. It is an elaborate two-dimensional time machine that will provide years of exploration, conversation and enjoyment.

Our Perfect Recreation™ of this historic document is
indistinguishable from the 400-year-old original --
it is not a poster or souvenir map. The author of
The Mapping of America says "these prints are perfect".

The Trust for Public Land and James City County protected the 202 acres that are now Anniversary Park - "center stage" for "America's 400th Anniversary" of the first permanent English settlement in the Americas. Your purchase will benefit The Trust for Public Land.

"Absolutely perfect and magnificent". What Our Customers Say

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