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White Pelican
John James Audubon
26" wide / 39" high
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American White Pelican (Plate CCCXI). A Perfect Recreation™ of the aquatint with original hand color. Drawn from nature by John James Audubon, c. 1836. 26" x 39"

There's a reason this painting hangs in some of the greatest homes in the world: it's a rare privilege to have an object of such great beauty to enjoy every day. King George IV of England and King Charles I of France were among the original buyers. Now, we've perfectly re-created it for you.

Audubon transforms the ungainly American White Pelican into the unlikely star of this strikingly beautiful and iconic work. From the backlit downy blond crest feathers at the back of the head to the intricate topography of the vascular pouch of the bill, this image is perpetually engaging and delightful.

"Absolutely perfect and magnificent". What Our Customers Say

The quality of ours far exceeds all previous Audubon print reproductions. Our proprietary process yields a resolution, or level of detail, more than ten times greater than the resolution the 2002 Oppenheimer, 1985 Princeton and 1971 Amsterdam editions. So we can perfectly re-create the amazingly lifelike impression of the original Audubons, because we alone are able to perfectly re-create with total clarity and sharpness the extremely fine detail of the original drawing and engraving. Audubon and Havell presented all the glorious detail that exists in nature - and we do, too.

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