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Red-tailed Hawk
John James Audubon
26" wide / 39" high
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Red-tailed Hawk (Plate LI). A Perfect Recreation™ of the aquatint with original hand color. Drawn from nature by John James Audubon, 1834. 26” x 39”.

There’s a reason this painting hangs in some of the greatest homes in the world: it’s a rare privilege to have an object of such great beauty to enjoy every day. King George IV of England and King Charles I of France were among the original buyers. Now, we've perfectly re-created it for you.

"Absolutely perfect and magnificent". What Our Customers Say

The quality of ours far exceeds all previous Audubon print reproductions. Our proprietary process yields a resolution, or level of detail, more than ten times greater than the resolution the 2002 Oppenheimer, 1985 Princeton and 1971 Amsterdam editions. So we can perfectly re-create the amazingly lifelike impression of the original Audubons, because we alone are able to perfectly re-create with total clarity and sharpness the extremely fine detail of the original drawing and engraving. Audubon and Havell presented all the glorious detail that exists in nature – and we do, too.

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