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Redouté Pineapple
Pierre Joseph Redouté
14" wide / 18 7/8" high
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Bromella ananas (Cultivated Pineapple). A Perfect Recreation™ of the original watercolor on vellum by Pierre-Joseph Redouté, c. 1802. 14" x 18 7/8"

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At the beginning of the 19th century, Josephine Bonaparte commissioned Pierre-Joseph Redouté, the greatest botanical illustrator, to paint her unparalleled garden of botanical specimens gathered during the great voyages of discovery. He produced his greatest work, Les Liliacées: 486 watercolor masterpieces including this one.

This work's stunning golden glow and astonishingly intricate detail will provide years of conversation, contemplation and enjoyment. This is a Discovery Editions exclusive -- the first-ever reproduction of Redouté's original watercolor since the c. 1810 engraving.

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Framing your Redouté

The original work is available for $750,000. Inquire about purchase.

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