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1507-08 Ruysch Map
Johannes Ruysch
21 7/8" wide / 16 ½" high
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Map of the World. A Perfect Recreation of the engraving. By Johannes Ruysch. 1508. 21 7/8" x 16 ½"

This 1507-1508 map by Johannes Ruysch is the earliest depiction of America that is available to a collector. This important world map shows the 1492-1504 discoveries of Columbus in the Caribbean as well as the part of Venezuela that Columbus reached in 1498, thereby becoming the first European to put foot on continental land in the Western Hemisphere. It also includes the 1497 discoveries of Cabot, labeled ‘Terra Nova’, or Newfoundland, represented as a northern extension of Asia. See "Full Story" for a more complete description by Dr. Seymour I. Schwartz. Watch the Video

1507 is also the year that Martin Waldssemuller published his famous wall-sized World Map -- the first map to use the place name, "America". Dr. Seymour Schwartz has just published its fascinating story; click to buy Putting America on the Map at Amazon.com.

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