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Vielé Map of Manhattan, 1865
Egbert Ludovicus Viele
63" wide / 20" high
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Sanitary & Topological Map of the City and Island of New York. A Perfect Recreation™ of the hand colored lithograph. Egbert Ludovicus Viele. 1865. 63" x 20"

The legendary Vielé "water map" so accurately and comprehensively depicts all of the island’s above- and below-ground watercourses, meadows, ponds, marshes and streams that it is still the standard reference for engineers planning excavations and foundations in Manhattan. Whether your interest is professional – or you’re just very curious about what flows beneath – this is an endlessly fascinating document of Manhattan. This recent article in The New York Times characterizes Viele's map as "the bible for many of the city's structural engineers, as current as the foundations being poured across the island of Manhattan today."

In 1856 the City appointed Egbert Ludovicus Vielé to be Engineer-in-Chief of Central Park; he produced an exhaustively detailed topographical survey of the area that would eventually become Central Park. In 1865, his major and lasting work, the Sanitary & Topological Map of Manhattan was published. We've perfectly re-created an exceptionally well preserved example with great original hand color.

"Absolutely perfect and magnificent".
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